Best indoor air with whole house air purifier

Our house finally smells like it looks. That is a weird sentence to write. But truer words haven’t been written. This is a cause for celebration because I just didn’t know if I would ever have a house smell as clean as I know it is. My husband and I both have full time careers and we’re raising a family. If we weren’t such good partners, I don’t think it would even be possible to do what we are doing. Yet, it’s not like there is a lot of time in our schedule to put our feet up and drink wine in the HVAC comfort of our living room. Instead, there are always other things to get to in our busy lives. So in between all the work, hauling kids around and doing the shopping, we also have to clean the house. And we do and it sure looks like it. Yet, up until now, when you walked in the house, it didn’t smell like it. Our home is sealed up tight in order to maintain the highest HVAC efficiency possible. And the HVAC is running just about all year. So that leaves very little time to open a window for fresh air. The result is stale, stinky indoor air that just keeps getting turned over by the HVAC. And we have tried every other deodorizer that we can think of. None have done anything more than simply mask the air for moments at a time. That is until we went to the HVAC people to get the odors at the source. Our whole house indoor air purifier has changed the game. It destroys the bacteria in the air responsible for the odors.

HVAC worker