Best subs but poor a/c

There is this real appealing sub shop near me that is super popular amongst tourists and locals alike.

They are run by a really sweet couple They have authentic homemade bread and they make their own pesto.

This is something I have never seen anywhere else in the US. So I consider the subs real darn special. If you have not tried their subs, you have never really had a real sub before! That is me putting it lightly. The only thing that I do not love about this sub shop is the fact that their air cooling plan is awful. With the subs and ovens for bread going on high, all the heat from the customers, plus the warm summer time season, the sub shop is super hot. They do have the air conditioner working. The air conditioner plan runs constantly, all season long. They must either have it set way too high like 73 degrees, the machine is too small or perhaps the air conditioner is clogged with hair plus cannot run respectfully. No matter the reason, the sub shop is sweltering if you want to eat indoors, but eating outside in the heat is almost the same thing however. The only difference is that you are in the heat. Since it is so popular, they are constantly cooking bread in those immense industrial sized ovens. This is what causes the hot air in the air quality as well. I am really surprised that the men making the subs can even work there with the heat.



Heating and air conditioning system