Big fight with the HVAC

For the longest period of time, I wanted to upgrade to radiant radiant floors. My husband on the other hand thought we simply should just get an HVAC plan with rapid heating and cooling, then i could see the pros of rapid heating and cooling, however from what I knew about radiant radiant floors this was the heating unit of the next century! Who wouldn’t enjoy having toasty floors everywhere in their household? The energy savings from such an energy efficient heating system were wonderful and I was jealous when I heard people talking about their tiles being nice and toasty in the evenings! Our tiles are consistently freezing and I don’t like getting that shock from the tiles when I get out of the shower early in the morning! My partner was so very disappointed when I decided to get the radiant radiant floors, he went to stay with his mother for awhile. I felt he was throwing a fit even though he was just livid, and so what if the people I was with and I didn’t get his rapid heating and cooling. Later on I chatted to his and decided I would meet his half way and go with rapid cooling for the air conditioner unit. They upgraded the HVAC duct and had everything set up, then now the people I was with and I had a lovely radiant heated flooring plan for our heating needs and an energy efficient cooling system with rapid cooling. She was absolutely pleased about that, and now the people I was with and I are getting along perfectly. I almost thought the people I was with and I were going to get a divorce when I opted for the radiant radiant floors, but currently he says he is glad that we got them put in.

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