Big fights over the cooling

My lovely partner and I used to argue all the time over the most idiotic things. One major thing that was often the cause of our arguments was the temperature control; Every one of us could never agree on the climate control settings so both of us were always switching the temperature control back and forth! She would tune up the A/C all of the time and I would raise the temperature to ease off on the energy consumption. I honestly would rather keep the A/C on a satisfactory setting and have fans running to lower the cost of the utility bills. She likes his A/C so I knew that both of us had to find a remedy for this enjoyable cause of fights that start between us. One day I decided to call the Heating and Air Conditioning company to see if there was a nice way to solve this problem, the Heating and Air Conditioning worker I spoke to said there was a perfect solution. He said Heating and Air Conditioning zone control would allow for us to separate the Heating and Air Conditioning in zones to heat and cool areas at customized uneven temperatures. I thought this sounded pretty awesome and felt this would be a good choice for us. So I arranged to have the Heating and Air Conditioning updated to Heating and Air Conditioning zone control. Ever since both of us had this big update, we have been so much happier. She gets to blast his A/C all the time while I get to keep the rest of the house at a perfect temperature to keep the utility bills low cost. This way both of us are both ecstatic, and I felt this was a legitimately even-handed compromise. We don’t fight nearly as much anymore.

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