Big household needs HVAC zone control

When you have a big household, HVAC zone control is the way to go. Every person has their own unique temperature control needs. In order to stop the fighting and not break the bank, zone control is necessary. What this entails is a ductless HVAC setup. Each room in the house gets an indoor air handler and thermostat. The air handlers all connect to one outdoor air compressor. Every room in the house can be a different temperature doing it this way. No ductwork and the individual thermostats allow this to happen. The kitchen can have heavy AC, the living room high amounts of heating and the office can be a middle ground temperature. No room is affected by the other one and the occupant in each room is happy. What my family does is meet in the middle for those rooms. We call them community rooms and we decided the climate control for them. But, each bedroom is controlled by whoever owns it. Everyone is so much happier having their own space heated and cooled to what they want. My mother lives with me; she loves to have high heating at night. My son wants to have AC basically on all day, everyday. I like to have no HVAC running if possible. Believe it or not, it is better for energy bills doing this. Rooms not in use get no HVAC. People like me who don’t need AC in the summer or lots of heating in the winter, save energy. The bills severely decreased when we upgraded to the system.

zone control