Big hurricane and quality a/c

I reside in the south near the coast & hurricanes are a threat for myself and others for at least several months out of the year.  Sure, when I lived up north, I had a couple of close calls with nearby twisters & experienced resultant nightmares of them for years to follow–but, with hurricanes, a certain difficult to describe primal fear in you is awakened when a huge a single is making its presence known on the horizon.  So, much to our sadness, last November the two of us had not just any hurricane in our path, but rather a category three hurricane already splitting wind-speed records before it had attacked Puerto Rico. I have never felt so much sustained inner fear in our entire life as I felt that week waiting on the trajectory updates every day only to discover it tracking nearer & closer to our home.  By the day of landfall, I was bracing for the most terrible storm ever & had every extra supply on hand that I could gather up in the last hour grocery shortages; things such as bottled water, batteries, ziploc bags, canned food, disinfect pillows & blankets–those sorts of items. The hurricane came ashore just an hour south of us & the most intense part of the storm passed about 60 miles from our house–but despite a few flickers from time to time, our electricity, & cooling system as a result, remained on.  I was shocked when I was still able to watch tv with all of the lights on as the storm passed over. I heard that half of the state lost their electricity that night, yet I was nearly touched by the eye of the storm itself & I got to remain in cozy a/c as I sailed through the brunt of it.

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