Bizarre issue:

For a little while now, my HVAC system has been giving me some bizarre issues. It would basically work just fine, and then it would quit working entirely, and then it would work fine again. I kept calling the HVAC company for service, but the HVAC technician could never find anything wrong with it. I was starting to feel like my HVAC system hated me and was controlled by some evil entity that was trying to make me pay a great deal of money for unnecessary HVAC service visits. Well the last time the HVAC technician came over, he decided to have a good look at the thermostat. He pulled the thermostat from the wall and discovered that there was a loose wire that would cause the HVAC to turn on and off like it was doing. So evidently, when the HVAC technicians would come over to my house, the HVAC would be working as it should but when they left that wire was causing the machine to malfunction on and off. He simply replaced the wire with a new one and then I was no longer experiencing these issues. I was so grateful because finally someone was able to figure out was wrong and I actually didn’t have some possessed system that was out to get me. I didn’t want to believe that was what was going on, but when nobody could figure out what was wrong, I couldn’t think of any explanations. All I knew is that I have watched a bunch of ghost shows that show that ghosts are able to manipulate electronics.