Blocking the HVAC

My neighbor’s yard plus our yard back right up to each other. Our garages are close in proximity as well. I really feel the houses in this town are too close together at times. Last weekend, I had the garage open… I was doing work on the A/C appliance. The dwelling didn’t feel cool like normal, plus I was checking on all of the basic A/C appliance troubleshooting areas. I dropped the hammer on my foot plus cursed out loud. The neighbor was doing some gardening work in the front yard plus heard me shout out loud. He came right over to offer a little bit of assistance. I apologized for cursing out loud, plus explained the little clumsy hammer mistake. The neighbor questioned me if I was having trouble with the A/C appliance. I explained exactly what complication was occurring, plus he easily offered a few suggestions. I was actually astonished the neighbor knew about A/C appliance repairs. I see him leave for work every single morning in hospital scrubs. I regularly assumed he was a doctor or nurse. The neighbor plus I spoke for a long period of time. I learned that while he was going to medical school, he worked in an HVAC service shop. His best friend’s mother owned the HVAC business, plus gave him a part-time job while he was attending medical school! My neighbor plus I have been living next to each other for all this time and we never had a conversation together, until now. We easily spent an hour talking about HVAC appliance service plus other topics. The guy seems to be especially interesting plus helpful, plus we definitely have a lot in common. Next weekend, he is going to come over to my place plus watch some football.