Boiler efficiently handles home heating, water heating and snow melt system –

Because of the severe winter weather in the area where I live, heating is the priority.  I am thankful that my home is equipped with a boiler heating system. I am convinced that hydronic heating is far superior to a forced air system.  I do not deal with the drawbacks of ductwork or suffer the noise, air contamination and temperature fluctuations caused by a forced air furnace. The boiler is compact, virtually silent, and installed in the basement.  Despite its small size, the boiler easily handles a heavy workload. A series of pipes link the boiler to baseboard heaters installed around the perimeter of each room in the house. The baseboards provide a very gentle and even heat, which is infused rather than blown into the room.  Each room features a thermostat which allows independent control over the temperature. I don’t need to heat the entire house to a single temperature. By lowering the temperature setting in unoccupied rooms, I save money on heating. Because I can cater to the specific demands of each room, the whole house is much more comfortable.  Along with handling the comfort of the home, the boiler also supplements our water heating demands. I never need to worry about running short of hot water or paying a huge water heating bill. The boiler is further linked to a looping system of pipes installed beneath the floor of the garage, driveway and walkways outside. I am no longer required to plow or shovel snow.  The snow melt system keeps those areas totally clear, avoiding the need for rock salt and the fear of someone slipping and falling.