Boiler is getting kind of old

I cannot believe it’s already fall. Even though I also could not be happier that it’s finally here! In just two short weeks, I’ll be going away for a whole week to go do what I prefer with the people I prefer most. I will be going to the Fall writing retreat to a gorgeous old farmhouse way up in the mountains of VT. I’ve already made a few plans to have the pet sitter look after my cat and dog, and also directions on how to water the plants, then most importantly, I had the heating plus air conditioner business over just Last month to do a single last tune up on my aged oil boiler before I go away… The boiler is getting pretty on in years, but my HVAC business thinks that I have at least 3 more years on the aged reliable plan before I will finally have to tune it up. I’m hoping by then I’ll have landed an agent plus be working towards selling a book or to help in covering the cost. Most importantly, I know my pet sitter will not run into any problems with it will she’s here looking after my four-legged kids. In just 2 weeks time, I’ll be up north curled up in front of a crackling fireplace in the middle of paradise, snuggled up in my favorite jacket plus working on the latest draft of my new novel. There is no better start to the Fall season than writing ghost stories with my fellow horror writers, in such seclusion that nothing will bother us.