Both of us are buying a new house, although I legitimately want a fireplace

Both of us are getting ready to buy a new house, but a single of the things on our list that I legitimately want is a fireplace.

My spouse legitimately could not care less about getting a fireplace in the new house, although I know that it’s because he didn’t grow up with a fireplace in his loft when he was a kid.

I, however, had a gas log fireplace in the dining room when I was growing up, plus I know that it helped make all of our holidays a little bit more magical plus memorable back when I was growing up. I know that there’s nothing more magical than having a fire in the fireplace over the holidays, when your Christmas tree is up plus all of the little twinkly lights are hung around the loft making everything feel more magical. My spouse just doesn’t get that, plus I know that it’s because he grew up in a totally unusual area of the country where the weather never even started cooling off until the middle of December each year. He barely ever even had to use a gas furnace in his loft at all when he was growing up, much less have to worry about having a fire in the fireplace to boiling the locale up. He is way more distraught about finding a new loft with a state of the art, high efficiency central a/c plan installed in it already. I believe that makes sense when you know about it. He grew up in a climate where he was regularly in need of a officially laboring I believe it would only make sense that he now wants a loft where the a/c isn’t going to give him any problems during the boiling Summer months.
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