Both relying on the same thermostat

The past couple years I have been living with a associate of mine, plus after this, I have to say that for the rest of our life moving forward I am living by myself no matter what! Even if I meet the right person, I will not get married to be honest. Only because this experience has taught me that I just can not live with anyone, i need my space, my sanity plus my overall piece of mind. Living with someone just can not supply this to me; The last straw that opened our eyes to this was the fact that our associate regularly had the a/c cranked so low I felt appreciate I was going to freeze my butt off! It did not matter if it was the type weather meant for heating, our associate regularly had to have the a/c on! It could be the dead of Wintertime time months, plus the a/c was always blasting away! I finally could not take it anymore, so I moved out plus got our own place, but we are still friends, however the entire a/c thing was just too much. I need heating this time of year more than ever because I get dang cold so quickly. Sure, the people I was with and I could have fixed the problem by getting something called heating and cooling zone control, which is where you have control units in unusual rooms for unusual types of temperatures. Who in the world has the money to invest in heating plus cooling zone control? Not me or him! It was much more simple and better to transport out on our own. Now, I control our own control unit, and not to mention, the only time a/c is on is during the Summer!

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