Brand new products

I recently upgraded my HVAC equipment. I used to have central HVAC that used ductwork throughout the house. The ductwork worked to get every room to the same temperature. My family and I hated this. I have three sons, a picky husband and I am not exactly easy to get along with. The group of us could never agree on a heating or cooling setting. We all had a different temperature preference. It seemed like all year long we would change the thermostat over and over again. My husband would always lower it, my oldest son would raise the temperature, my middle son would adjust the fan speed and my youngest son would turn the HVAC off. Because the rapid fire HVAC changes were costing me money, I changed the type of HVAC we had. My family and I now have ductless HVAC. The ductless mini split has an air handler and thermostat in each room of the house. Every room can have its own unique climate control program. This is called HVAC zone control and it is amazing. My household has never been so happy. Each of the boys control their own HVAC needs in their bedrooms. Our community areas like the living room and kitchen, are only slightly off from one another. Everyone gets along way better now and the zone control has actually saved me money. I have certain rooms of the house that hardly get any HVAC. My youngest son rarely even turns his on too. Also, the thermostat settings are never messed with anymore.