Break those heating and cooling bad habits

Bad habits, we all have them.  Our brain gets indoctrinated through routine.  Some of those routines are behaviors which aren’t great.  My diet is a great example. I’ve conditioned myself, over the years, to buy the things I crave.  Subsequently, when it comes time for a meal, I prepare whatever I have purchased. So, I’m attempting to change this bad habits by making better choices.  When I go to the store, I now have a list and I follow it. I haven’t completely reworked my diet but am making better choices with the food I buy and bring home.  I’m doing the same thing with the utility bill and my HVAC system. Normally, I simply set the thermostat and forget it. If I want it cooler or warmer, I simply move the dial.  Now, I’m using the better choices rule. I have identified 5 HVAC bad habits I am determined to break. First, I have programmed an alarm which will alert me to change the air filter once per month.  I have neglected that air filter forever but, no more. I am also actively checking throughout my home to be certain there are no obstructions of vents or returns. While I’m doing that, I will also be sure each register and vent is open.  No more thermostat back and forth. I am having a smart thermostat installed which will regulate the temperature to maximize the HVAC efficiency. And most importantly, I have phoned the local heating and cooling company to sign up for regular, semi annual HVAC maintenance.  I have been hit and miss with HVAC maintenance. This is the most important change I can make. Old habits die hard but they won’t die at all if you don’t make some better decisions.

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