Broke my bad habit of buying the cheapest air filters I could find

I didn’t know how to fix it and she let me know that I needed to buy better air filters

I developed a pretty bad habit when I first moved out on my own. I lived in this run-down apartment and didn’t care much for keeping up with everything. I figured that the landlord would take everything, except I was wrong. I was shocked to learn that I had to change my own air filters for the HVAC system. Instead of getting the quality air filters, I ended up going for the cheapest ones I could find. I actually was delighted that I was able to find such cheap air filters and I thought I was doing a wonderful thing and saving big money. When I had friends tell me how much they would pay for their air filters, I would laugh at them because I thought they were getting ripped off. Eventually, I learned that I had terrible air quality because of my cheap air filters. I thought maybe it was just because there was an issue with the HVAC system but I had poor air quality in my new rental home as well. It became a huge problem when I had my girlfriend move in with me and she said the air quality was unacceptable. I didn’t know how to fix it and she let me know that I needed to buy better air filters. She couldn’t believe that I was using these cheap fiberglass air filters and said I was ridiculous trying to take care of my HVAC with those things. She showed me the high quality air filters and we used those and the air quality improved tremendously. I certainly learned my lesson and now my health has improved a lot because of the improved air quality in my home.
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