Broke our bad habit of buying the cheapest air filters I could find

I developed a pretty bad habit when I first moved out on our own! I lived in this run-down house and didn’t care much for keeping up with everything.

I figured that the property owner would take everything, except I was wrong.

I was shocked to learn that I had to change our own air filters for the Heating and Air Conditioning system. Instead of getting the quality air filters, I ended up going for the cheapest ones I could find. I legitimately was delighted that I was able to find such cheap air filters and I thought I was doing a charming thing and saving pressing money, when I had friends tell myself and others how much they would spend money for their air filters, I would laugh at them because I thought they were getting ripped off, and eventually, I l received that I had terrible air quality because of our cheap air filters. I thought maybe it was just because there was an issue with the Heating and Air Conditioning idea although I had terrible air quality in our modern rental lake house as well. It became a sizable concern when I had our bestie move in with myself and others and he said the air quality was unacceptable. I didn’t recognize how to maintenance it and he let myself and others recognize that I needed to buy better air filters; She couldn’t recognize that I was using these cheap fiberglass air filters and said I was ridiculous trying to take care of our Heating and Air Conditioning with those things. She showed myself and others the high quality air filters and every one of us used those and the air quality improved tremendously. I entirely l received our lesson and now our health has improved a lot because of the improved air quality in our home.

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