Buying a custom present

Every year comes and goes, and with relatively the same presents for my family.

  • Especially for my sister, it’s really hard to get her anything different as she mainly liked only a few things.

I was tired of gifting very similar presents each year, and I was in the mood for something new. Her birthday was coming up quick, so I started searching online for options. I found out a can buy her custom-made items, so I started browsing all of the different things I could have made. I could make her a mug, a blown-up picture, a phone case and more. There were so many options! I eventually decided on a custom-made tank top. My sister loved tank tops, the more lace, the better. While I had many options online, I decided to go to an actual store that specializes in custom clothing. I gave my order as well as a brief sketch in what I was looking for and waited. I was finished after a couple of weeks and it was beautiful and expensive. It was white with the top and back covered in lace, on the front was a Eastern bluebird mid-flight. She was going to love it. On her birthday, she absolutely loved it! It was her most favorite present, and in return, even though she didn’t have too, she gave me a transportable HVAC system. I loved the HVAC idea! My current HVAC method is outside, and I often forget about. With this little cooling system, I could bring it around with me! No more hefty bills from forgotten a/c systems. It was going to be hard to come up with a better present next year.

furnace filter