Buying a Discounted ductless heat pump online

I have been searching for discounts on HVAC products for my home.

My central heating and cooling system is sort of outdated, and we need something to help out with temperature control during extreme weather.

I found an online source for discounted heating and cooling equipment. I could save quite a bit by purchasing through them. They claimed that all of their HVAC products were in good working order. The outer cabinets were simply scratched or dented. Everything was supposed to be brand new and manufactured by reputable companies. I was looking into a ductless heat pump with at least two indoor air handlers. I hoped to install one into the kitchen and another into the master bedroom. These systems aren’t all that difficult to install and could potentially trim up to 40% off my annual energy costs. The equipment was way cheaper on this site, so I ordered the ductless multi-split. It arrived within a week and when I checked over the equipment, it looked to be in good shape. However, once I tried to install it, I had some major problems. I spent hours getting frustrated and having no success. I eventually tried contacting someone through the web site, hoping for some assistance. I would have liked to return the whole system, but I couldn’t get a response. Thinking I’d totally wasted my money, I finally hired a local HVAC contractor for help. I figured the contractor would tell them that there was major problems with the ductless unit. Instead, I was the problem. My faulty installation attempt was the reason the heat pump wouldn’t work. The HVAC professional had it installed and running perfectly within a couple of hours. .

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