Buying my first home

A few years ago, I decided to buy my first home. I found a great little house with big windows and a front porch. It was close to my favorite park and the view from the porch was great. It had everything I wanted, with the exception of the air and heating unit. It was an older house and it did not have central air conditioning. There were old air conditioning units in each room of the house. At first, I thought I could manage by just turning on these air conditioners and that I could make the house comfortable, however, those old cooling units were not strong enough to cool down the whole house. After my first summer in the house, I decided I wanted to have a new HVAC unit installed. I did not know much about air conditioning and heating, so I had to do a lot of research in order to find the best price and the best unit. I had several different HVAC installers come and look at my house and give me estimates. By the middle of fall, I had finally decided which company to use and had their HVAC team come out and install my new air conditioning and heating system. I am so happy I went with this company, they are always available to send one of their HVAC techs out to look at the unit, especially if something happens and the HVAC unit is no longer working. Looking back, I cannot believe I even made it one summer without my air conditioning system.