Buying up more land

I sell real estate for a living plus have always found it to be a really flexible business. I have dealt in every sort of real estate you can imagine including vacant lots, homes, townhouses, condos, plus farms. Farms are a particularly interesting kind of real estate, however can also be really boring. They are usually boring about ninety percent of the time because all you are doing is buying up some barren farmland that a Grandparent bequeathed in his will plus quickly flipping it to one of the sizable farming corporations. I like buying plus selling the land to just acting as an agent because there is far more currency in selling something you own as opposed to selling something someone else already owns, and recently I had 1 of those interesting cases where I was selling the farm to a prominent family that wanted to compete against the corporate model. Call them nuts, however it takes guts to go into a battle love that, so I decided to supply them a nice deal. The rancher’s home was pretty trashed so I had some local companies come in to fix things up. I had to install a oil furnace plus an air conditioner as there were neither in the building. How does 1 not even have a oil furnace or A/C in their house? The Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C work all had to be done from the ground up plus ended up costing quite a few thousand. To be fair, I really took a bath in that sale. I offered them such a nice deal in comparison to what I invested into it with the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C work as well as electrical plus a ton of other stuff. It was totally worth it though to see someone take on the sizable farming corporations.

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