Calling someone to inspect the unit

When my decided to come for a surprise visit, she brought her old dog along with her for the stay. I did not know anything about her bringing the dog with her for the trip.. And, really, I wasn’t upset as much as she thought I had been. After all, I had a dog as well that hers had met before. I knew that they got along very well for the most part. My mom was going to be living with us for a month, maybe two. She had wanted to tour some of the older and more  historic monuments in the area that she had never seen before. I hadn’t seen my mom in a few years due to health issues and not being able to travel, so I was ecstatic for the visit. It was just beginning to hit Springtime, when I was pulling out the a/c unit. Surprisingly, our air conditioner worked fairly well for our larger flat. My mother was very ecstatic about this for the indoor environment. A few mornings after I picked her up from the airport, I started to see yellow puddles on the living room floor and was upset. I had to ask if her dog was peeing on the floor in the night. She was adamant they didn’t do that. Her excuse was that it must be rusty water dripping from their unit. I was sure it was pee with faint smell. When the a/c stopped working on abruptly after one week, I could smell dog pee everywhere at much stronger level. The a/c had managed to take in most of the outrageous odor before this happened. Really, I could smell dog urine everywhere in my house. My mom, now, could smell it too and was mortified. She started to apologize profusely for the dog’s accident. She offered right then to get the rugs shampooed, so I accepted graciously in return. Until the a/c was fixed and running again, I could smell the dogs in every room of the house. There wasn’t an inch of the living space, that didn’t smell with gross mildew and dog pee. When mom was ready to go home, I was ready to have our house sanitized, fumigated, plus scrubbed to no end.

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