camp had no ac

Yesterday the two of us drove up north to see our child graduate from boot camp! She’s been in basic training for the Army for the past more than 2 months, and it’s been pretty strenuous for her; But the funny thing is that I think it’s been even harder for me! I hated having her be gone for more than 2 whole months, especially when I couldn’t call and talk to her whenever I wanted. Then it was rough on all of us! But the two of us were super thrilled when the two of us got to see her graduate yesterday as well as we got to spend the afternoon with him! She told us all about boot camp and all of the obstacles that she had to overcome throughout the whole process. Plus she mentioned how the high rapidly changing temperatures over the Summer at boot camp had been one of the most strenuous parts. I think they don’t use A/C in most of the buildings on base, because they are trying to toughen the women up. Then my child said that if anyone complained about the lack of A/C, they were told that there’s no A/C in the desert. Since you might get stationed in the desert someday, you might as well get used to the heat! I thought that it was unusual that there wasn’t even any A/C in their bunk rooms, especially since it was Summer and the temperature was so high. My child said that the only location they got a split from the heat and high rapidly changing temperatures was in the chow hall. She said that the chow hall was always chilly and the A/C in there seemed like it ran constantly.