Camper life isn’t for most people

Whenever our partner in addition to I meet new people in addition to they end up studying that every one of us have converted our aged van into our home on wheels they tend to always say the same thing more or less… The older people tend to tell us how crazy every one of us are for doing such a thing, in addition to the younger people usually say quite the opposite, while I guess it isn’t honest to say that every one of us are a little on the crazy side for living such an alternative life, I would also enjoy to say that this lifestyle is not for most people; Yes every one of us are able to travel all over in addition to have a place to call home, however there is a big studying curve when living the van life, and for example, for the last 4 mornings our hubby in addition to I have been driving for many minutes a day with no toiling air conditioner.

The aged air conditioner unit every one of us had installed ended up cutting down on us while in a remote section of the country, so instead of continuing with our adventure every one of us were forced to find the closest Heating as well as A/C corporation to update the unit.

This is an high-priced problem to fix, in addition to it is also a miserable 1; All of us have been waking up each afternoon covered in sweat separate from the air conditioner, in addition to with no showers available to us enjoy you would find in a normal home every one of us have just had to suck it up. So know this before you start glorifying the van lifestyle, be careful when considering giving it a shot because it might be a big mistake!


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