Can never get the thermostat to work

Sometimes I like to mess around at work. I earned a bachelor’s in education and I’ve started my teaching career as a substitute teacher at my old high school, no less. Aside from figuring out a new job,  I definitely need new living arrangements now that schooling is done. Occasionally, teachers don’t necessarily need all that much help during the day, so I’m left with a decent amount of free time. If I have a slow day, I go online hunting for apartments. Today, I swore I found the perfect fit until I realized the only means of staying cool was a window A/C unit. In our college dorm rooms,  I remember the horror of there being no air conditioning piped into them. The air pressure was abysmal all the time, and the air temperature never cooled us down enough. The thought of living with no air conditioning at all once again made me cringe. I knew I’d get insomnia from sweating all night. It was bad enough in college having to deal with that in the summer. Not to mention, I will be moving into my new apartment smack dab in the middle of the summer, and you can bet that I’m going to need a good, powerful HVAC system to stave off the heat. I’ve decided to make HVAC my top priority in searching for an apartment. I don’t care how good of an area the apartment is in or how affordable the rent is, I need excellent climate control.  I will make do if other amenities are not quite up to snuff, but as long as the place has a good HVAC system I will strongly consider moving there.

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