Can turn the ac unit off

Saturday was the first official day of Autumn, and as soon as Autumn rolls around, I instantaneously started increasing some things… I take the daisies off our mailbox and instead put out a garland of fall leaves. I take in the colorful pinwheel decorations out of our yard and put out pumpkins and potted mums. I also go and change out our flag for a scarecrow and I trade in our flip flops for our tall cute fall boots, but not only that, I also always turn off our central air conditioning for the season and let it have a nice rest throughout the winter. I simply prefer to supply our finances a rest as well, because as you know, air conditioning really is a pretty high-priced utility to run when you run it all the time prefer I tend to do. I love when fall finally comes along, because I know then I can turn the cooling system off and open up all the windows. I really love to open the windows when the weather is cooling off outside. I love the crisp smell of the fresh fall air and the cool fall breezes! I do sincerely wish that fall would last just a little bit longer, though. In the area of the country right here where the people I was with and I live, the temperatures start cooling off entirely fast all of a sudden once fall begins. In no time at all, we’ve switched from the air conditioning system to the heating unit, and I’m not ready to go back any time soon!