Can you zone a commercial space?

You can zone a commercial space just the same way you zone a residential home.

Zoning a commercial building means separating business locations in a building into separate areas to receive heating and cooling separately.

Zoning helps to provide temperature for larger spaces and smaller areas with precise temperature control for individual preferences. Zoning uses dampers and programmable thermostats to control the temperature in separate zones. To zone a commercial building, you need to plan and design your commercial building for your commercial space to benefit from zoning. Zoning your commercial building will save energy bills and improve the occupant’s comfort levels. Using one thermostat and one HVAC unit to control the temperature in the whole commercial building will only cause temperature inconsistency in the commercial building. You should install a thermostat in a place within the zone that is frequently in use. Group the rooms with the same efficiency features within the same zone when designing and zoning your commercial space. When zoning a commercial building, the units will be on top of the building to save space and keep noise pollution away. When you are planning and zoning your commercial space, note that the zoning of a commercial building will require a larger drainage system because of additional moisture that will cycle through your HVAC unit. Hire highly skilled HVAC technicians to install an HVAC system in your commercial building. They will ensure the installation process is done correctly by sizing it well. Qualified HVAC technicians should also do the regular maintenance of the commercial HVAC system.

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