Can Your Fireplace Be Your Heater?

Many people have a fireplace in their house. In fact, a friend of mine has two fireplaces in his house. He has a traditional wood fireplace in the living room and a gas heater that looks like fire in the bedroom. I have a fireplace in my living room, also. I really love the look of a fireplace, especially during the Christmas season. There is just something beautiful about a fireplace, right? However, unless you really want to do some upgrades, you really should not think that you can use your fireplace as the heater for your whole house. Even though I live in the south, I really can only use my fireplace to set the lovely mood. It is not sufficient to replace the heater. I have central heating and cooling, and I just have to use the regular heater sometimes. Most of the year, we have sunny skies and hot humid days. Sometimes, though, for maybe a month or two, we do get cold weather. I don’t like to use the heater too much because the hot air dries out my sinuses and lips. It’s just uncomfortable. But even so, if I tried to use the fireplace alone, my pipes would probably freeze! Plus, I just don’t think it is a good idea to have a fire going when you are asleep. I know that most fireplaces have screens or doors, but I still think there is danger if you are not tending the fire. I have heard that some HVAC companies can bring in a fireplace insert that can serve as your heater, but I really don’t recommend it. Just enjoy the flames but also run your heater.

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