Candy Store

My sister and I run a candy store on the main street of our downtown. It’s such a fun way to make a living, and we’ve been doing it for about ten years now. It’s a dream that we both had ever since we were little, and so when we started our store, it was literally a dream come true for us! Our specialty is chocolate, and we love making all kinds of concoctions involving both white and dark chocolate. The only problem with this chocolate making situation is the fact that our HVAC system in the shop has been on the blink lately. Our shop has been super hot inside for the past two weeks and our chocolate has been melting because of all of the heating that keeps pouring through the air vents! It sounds crazy, but when you have a candy shop, you really have to have a high quality heating and air conditioning system in order to keep the indoor air quality at the correct levels inside your shop. We called our local heating and air conditioning company last week, but they’ve been unexpectedly slammed lately and we couldn’t get an HVAC maintenance appointment until later this week! We’ve been patiently waiting, but our chocolate isn’t patient at all! And come to find out, neither are our customers. People have been coming in to get our specialty chocolates, which just aren’t setting up correctly because the temperature in the shop is just simply too warm. I’m hoping that the HVAC technician shows up early and gets the heating fixed because it’s really bad for business.