Can’t afford the HVAC and it can’t be installed in my bakery

I just opened up a bakery in town. I got a sweet deal on a new building and got all my equipment put in. Because the building was so cheap, I was able to get more expensive equipment, tables and chairs. After everything was all inside and I went to work, I realized why the price was low. The building had no HVAC equipment at all. Whoever set up the place forgot about climate control. The floors are all brick and so are the walls. The windows are quite tiny and the space is set up oddly. No form of heating and air could feasibly be installed. I can’t have heated floors since the brick is there. I can’t have ductwork due to the brick walls. The ductless HVAC options can’t even mount on the walls. I tried looking into window air conditioning but the windows are too narrow to fit an AC device. So now I don’t know what to do about temperature control. I can’t reasonably expect people to stop in my bakery when there is no HVAC. Also, making the baked goods with no cooling will be rough. I don’t even really have the money for a HVAC device either unfortunately. I spent so much on the equipment and things for my building that there is none leftover. It looks like I might need to pay rent on a space that I don’t use for awhile. I need to save money and see if there is any HVAC options that might work that I overlooked.

HVAC tech