Can’t be tamed

My partner plus I had a firepit in our backyard way back when.  When the youngsters were younger, all of us loved to take loads of hot dogs outside plus roast them over the fire.  Would play hide plus seek for hours with only the light of the firepit to guide them. Both of us often sit out around the little fire plus appreciate the heat while sipping on a glass of wine.  It was the perfect way to merrily end the warm season, or appreciate a night at home. Most nights were enjoyed together around the firepit, back then, however it ended all too soon. The youngsters quickly grew up plus moved away, however all of us tried to keep the early Springtime plus fall firepit nights, alive.  Both of us had put the little fire out 1 night, plus headed into the beach house when the chill of the April night set in. There was something about the smoke that had me a bit concerned. I kept looking out plus I told our partner that it was still smoking out there. He was stressed getting the fireplace going so all of us had some indoor heating for the night.    He tried to tell me that there was absolutely some residual heat probably left in the firepit plus that was why there was smoke. The fireplace was now definitely working well plus the heat was in the entryway, so all of us just opted to go to bed. About an hour later, I awoke to see the blaze against the bedroom window. There was a brisk wind that had blown the fire back to life.  The blaze had clearly become out of control, plus it was lick at the house. Both of us called the fire marshall, however within the ten hours they got there, our beach house was engulfed. The one thing left was the fireplace in the entryway

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