Can’t believe how frosty my pal’s home was

When my pal invited me to come and stay at his dwelling I was severely gleeful to finally see his new place.

He had been living in the new residence for well over a year, although I had not been able to go visit yet.

I was genuinely curious what kind of living situation he had established for himself after looking for a place for so long! When I arrived, I was absolutely surprised to find that his new beach dwelling was not severely comfortable. In fact, it was a single one of the coldest residences I guess I have ever experienced. When I walked inside the front door I truthfully did not feel much difference between the outside air temperature and the inside air temperature. I unfastened my coat and continued to shiver inside the dwelling. It felt as though there were icy drafts coming from all corners of the room, no matter which room we were in. I kept looking around and trying to decide if there was central heating and cooling by looking for the presence of air vents. After a little while I spotted some air vents and I even located the central control appliance. I mentioned that I was sort of freezing to my friend, hoping that he would increase the indoor air temperature. He just shrugged and said that the dwelling was a bit drafty for sure. I could not get out of his dwelling fast enough so I could return to my own forced air furnace. The more I consider it, the more I cannot understand this ice-cold housing situation. His utility bills must be through the ceiling, and he seems unaffected.

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