Can’t catch a break!

This past week has been a very interesting one to say the least. It all started last monday when I got a flat tire when heading back home from work. It took me nearly an hour to finally replace the tire, and I was just ready to get back home and have a nice glass of wine in the bathtub. As soon as I got home however, I noticed that my air conditioning unit was broken down. Apparently my pet had been using the a/c unit to hide her old bones, and it had caused major blockage and tears in the air ducts. I thought for some reason that it would be a good idea to not call the HVAC company in town and to just try to get the debris out myself. How hard could cleaning out a few air ducts in an a/c unit be? Well I found out pretty fast that it is very hard. After i took off a few pieces of the broken down a/c unit, I reached down the air duct to pick out the debris only to end up cutting my hand extremely bad. Not only was I now faced with having to pay for an HVAC service man to come and fix my a/c unit, but I would be needing to take a trip to the hospital to get some scissors. I guess that it is true when people say when it rains, it pours. I just hope that after I finally get out of the hospital and the job is wrapped up on my air conditioning unit, I can finally enjoy that glass of wine in my tub.

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