Can’t even use the smart thermostat

My mother wanted to get me a special birthday gift this year.  She said that she got me something that she knew would be a great accompaniment to my new home.  She and my father had bought me a Smart Thermostat. They were so proud of the gift, and they were anxious to inform me of the many features of the Smart Thermostat.  I really thought that it was cool that it could learn my daily habits, and automatically repeat them day after day. I also like how it told me when I needed to change the air filters, and it could automatically adjust the fan speed and the humidity levels to counteract the heat and humidity of the outdoors.  The Smart Thermostat had a motion detector that would pick up on someone’s presence in the house, and it would turn on the heating or air conditioning. I really liked how it could send a message to the HVAC company and to me, if there was a problem with my HVAC system. I couldn’t tell the truth about how I really felt about the Smart Thermostat.  I took the gift and I told them that it would be a welcome gift once I had it up and running. Unfortunately, I don’t have WiFi in my home, and the Smart Thermostat will only work if you have WiFi. When or if I get WiFi, I will happily install the Smart Thermostat and use it. Until then it will be just a decoration on the wall, so my parents can see it when they come over.