Can’t fit me in for heating service this holiday season

I need to get my heating system serviced before the holidays hit. I am having Christmas at my house this year and I want my heater in tip top shape. I want the heater cleaned, oiled and tightened. The last thing I want is the heater suddenly turning off in the night. I have tried and tried getting a heating maintenance appointment and it is just not in the cards for me. Every HVAC company I call is booked up with appointments. I am on three separate waiting lists for a heater repair. I have waited over a week now and heard nothing. It is looking like I will have to splurge for emergency service or pay for holiday heating maintenance. Neither option is cheap. If I do the emergency service, this is paying a HVAC contractor after their normal hours. You pay almost double for the time and labor that they do. If I do the holiday heating maintenance, the price is bumped up because the demand is so high. Honestly, this one might be more expensive in the end. So what do I do about my heater? Is it worth spending a ton of money to get the heating component cleaned? I am now wondering if maybe I can do my whole heater service. I know I can open the heater up and clean. Maybe it can go without oil and tightened parts for a little while. Getting heating service after the holidays will be dirt cheap too. It is taking quite a gamble on my heater though.

heating repair