Can’t get my furnace to run

There is really nothing worse – seriously, nothing worse than a gas furnace that refuses to run, and for a dumb reason! I’ve been told many times by my partner that my logic is often “lower level”! At first I thought it was an insult to my intelligence, although she meant that I was focusing on particulars without considering the straightforward idea first… This was absolutely the case for me the other day, when our rural home’s gas furnace shut off without warning in the middle of the day. However it was in the low 20’s outside, so we weren’t going to hold up without a fire going in the fireplace if the gas furnace wasn’t going to come back online! While my partner began starting a fire in the fireplace, I began opening up parts of the gas furnace – while it was powered off, of course – to see where the potential problem might lie. I was looking at the firebox to make sure burners were clean, I was checking gas lines to see if there was a blockage, and overall being seriously thorough in my search for the cause for our shut-down. After an hour and a half of searching, I couldn’t seem to find the problem and felt disheartened. That’s when my partner came downstairs to the basement, and saw the gas furnace opened up like an armoire with my tools beside me. Then she said one straightforward sentence that made me seem foolish: “Did you check the air filter?” As soon as she said it, I knew that was the cause. As soon as I removed the furnace filter she was proven right! The filter was completely caked in dust and dirt, and by some miracle the furnace just shut down instead of running for longer and swallowing a bunch of dust. It took half an hour to piece the gas furnace back together, too – however oh well. At least one of us is smart enough to figure out the cause!

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