Can’t go without our a/c

Every tv show and movie portrays the south as a sun-baked paradise where life seems to move at its own pace down there. Which is one of the things that always appealed to me, or maybe it was just all that sunshine, since where I grew up in the far north. We had more cold days than warm.   When I got the option to move to a new call center in the deep south, I jumped at the chance, however my first day there, I realized I only knew part of what southern life was like. I quickly learned otherwise. The major thing I learned is that the summer heat is only manageable when you have an a/c you can run to at any time.  Being stuck in outdoors with no escape, as well as no way to stay cool, is pure hell. The air conditioner systems in both my car and home have to be fully inspected, checked out, and ready to go anytime they are needed. Within a month I found myself longing for the long cold winters of the north. I hunkered over the air vents in order to cool myself off. The transition was difficult for me, and I spent a lot of time not moving, and just sitting in from of an A/C doing nothing for hours on end. Over time I have become more acclimated to the southern heat, but I still make sure that I have a properly working a/c within close proximity.