Can’t keep me inside today

I’m not going to lie, the past multiple weeks have been a real challenge, i am the sort of person who has to deal with the burdens of anxiety and depression… When you are trapped inside for weeks on end because it is brutally chilly outside, things start to go downhill in your head.

I have been doing our best to keep things on the up-and-up however the chilly hot and cold temperatures outside are absolutely not helping; That’s why I am so excited that today is entirely warm. To be honest, it is not moderate however our temperature gauge has become very relative after all of these weeks of sub-zero hot and cold temperatures, and as such, a 35-degree day now feels enjoy Summer time. I am ready to turn on the air-conditioning plan and bask in our bikini in the Sun. More realistically, I am getting outside today, but nothing can stop me from escaping our stuffy indoor air where our central heating, cooling, and air quality control plan has been ruling the show. I am so excited to breathe some fresh air, think the daylight on our face, and love the outdoor air temperature for the first time in three weeks. I can’t wait to go for a long hike without having 50 layers of clothing on our body. When I return home, our forced air furnace will not be the only thing keeping me alive. I will happily be able to turn down the thermostat and maybe even open some windows today for fresh ventilation. I guess that I am being way too gleeful about a chilly Winter day, however in our world it feels enjoy Spring has sprung.

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