Capturing works of art

A long while back, I started taking an interest in graffiti or street art. It was when I started noticing beautiful works of art that you could hardly call just graffiti. I suppose graffiti is more word based than regular art, but of course it’s typically done without permission and is against the law. I don’t personally vandalize the community but I feel some of these works of art are incredibly impressive. What a beautiful way to show art to the world because everybody sees these pieces of art when they drive or walk the streets. I don’t care so much for the word art, but the beautiful pictures are amazing. So for a few years now I have been driving around looking for the masterpieces of the graffiti world. When I find those masterpieces, I take pictures of them and post them in my online blog. These days, I love nothing more than driving around with my A/C cranked up on the hot days, or my heating system going during the colder season. I always worry about these works of art being covered up or removed, so I need to hurry to get pictures of these works of art before they are never again seen by the world. It’s all about capturing the art and remaining comfortable while doing so. During the colder season, it’s more difficult but I just get bundled up so I can get out there and snap my photos. I have a very excellent camera so I take high resolution images. When I am out there freezing, I always can’t wait to get back in my car to warm back up with the heating system. Then of course it’s nice being in my own apartment soaking up the heat from the furnace while posting my newly captured works of art from the street world.

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