Car a/c quit working

Last weekend, I decided to take the family to a theme park for the first time in months. Well, when all of us were halfway there, that’s when our car’s air conditioner quit working as reliably as it always had! I couldn’t wrap my head around what was happening, as it got so hot inside the car and so abruptly that I had to roll down the windows for fresh air. That didn’t help all that much, as it was basically just a bunch of hot air flowing through the car! Better than roasting with the windows up, that’s for sure. I decided to stop at a local store as I thought maybe I could try getting one of those refrigerant kits you see in the automotive section. I looked all over for one, but wasn’t able to find any. Thankfully, a store employee asked if she could help me. That’s when I saw my family rush into the store to get some cooling relief. I had to admit, the store had a particularly air conditioning system running! I told the worker, “See those people? That’s our family – all of us are dying from the heat, because there’s no refrigerant in the air compressor!” The lady sympathized with our plight, saying she’s been through that before and more than once. She knew exactly where the refrigerant kits were, so she guided me there and wished me luck! I went ahead and refilled the refrigerant, and just like that we enjoyed ice-cold air conditioning once more. I am so thankful I thought to get one of these kits, or else we could’ve lost our motivation to go to the park. Of course, when all of us got there, we spent most of our time in the air conditioned buildings and shops. We spent a lot of time at the park though, and had a great time as a family!

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