Car HVAC repair vs home HVAC repair

There are several kinds of HVAC systems, however when 1 breaks down, the repair of the HVAC unit is usually the same, since they are all built similar; However, when it comes to the heating & a/c in your car, that is a whole weird type of HVAC system; When a car’s heating or a/c breaks down, you can’t call a certified heating & a/c specialist from the local heating & a/c supplier to come & maintenance it.

This is where you will need an auto repair shop, & 1 of the auto repair specialists would be the 1 to maintenance your car’s heating & a/c. Or, they would also be the 1 to give you a heating & cooling replace if that’s what you were looking to do. If you had a certified heating & a/c specialist looking at your car’s HVAC system, sure they would think what they were talking about in terms of telling you what may be wrong with it, however they could not repair the car’s HVAC system for you…unless of course they moonlight as an auto repair specialist as well. Believe it or not, I did not think this for a long time until I had to have my car’s heating & a/c fixed. I had called my local heating & cooling supplier to schedule an HVAC repair appointment for it, & they almost laughed at me. They then went on to explain the difference between residential heating & a/c, followed by the a/c & the heating in your car.

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