Cat loves the a/c system

My first cat was given to me by my older brother, who had to tranathletic interest out of the country for his work. In the condo that he was going to be moving into, he was not allowed to have any pets, so he asked me if I would take his animal named ‘Eli’. I came to learn that this was a certainly spoiled cat. He consistently meowed at myself and my roommates for something, seemingly demanding that we do something for him. Then well, it was a genuinely warm afternoon as well as he wouldn’t leave myself and others alone. We had to crank up the undefined a little bit and even set him on top of the air vent… That certainly calmed him down, so he seemed to prefer the AC. When I put the climate control device settings back to normal, he kept meowing at myself and others again. I realized that he must prefer that AC as well as wanted myself and others to put it back on… After awhile, it got genuinely annoying. I had his food as well as water set out for him, I had his scratching post, as well as he even had toys, but no! He wanted to keep bothering myself and others about the AC. It go so bad that when I was trying to sleep, he kept scratching at my door. I knew he wanted myself and my roommates to turn the AC back on. I decided to let him get his way as well as turned the air conditioning on for her. He was glad as well as peaceful again. Though we were sort of chilly, all of us were able to sleep. I decided that if I was going to keep this cat, I was going to have to get Heating as well as Air Conditioning zone control. That way we didn’t have to freeze to death, and he could hang out in his own area with as much AC as he wanted,

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