Ceiling fans hardly help

I know that having ceiling fans are a good thing in the house.  I can use my ceiling fans to assist my air conditioning, in the summer.  I know longer need to set the AC on a lower setting, because the ceiling fan will distribute the air conditioning to all parts of the house.  My ceiling fans can also assist my furnace, during the winter. With the flip of a switch, the fan will pull the heat from the ceiling and push it down onto the floor.  I know that heat is one of those things that rise, and I want my heat on my bare feet and not on top of my head. I do however, have one grouse when it comes to the ceiling fans.  Ceiling fans are so hard to keep clean. I didn’t realize how disgustingly filthy they were getting, until I turned them off. The dust was just settled onto the fan blades. The blades were no longer the pristine white of when I had them installed.  They were now a disgusting black, from all of the dust. I couldn’t understand where it had all come from. I had to find a way to get up to the ceiling fan that was in the peak of the ceiling in my kitchen. I had the ladder out and I was standing near the very top as I scrubbed and brush at those fan blades.  I let them dry and turned them on. That’s when the left over dust came flying down onto my head. Ceiling fans are amazing for aiding in heating and cooling, but they are a pain to clean.

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