Central AC isn’t always the best choice

We have a boiler for heating our home.

The boiler is very convenient for us, because the heating is cleaner and there is moisture going into the air.

When you have asthma, the dry, dusty heat of a traditional furnace can exacerbate the asthma and cause you to have more difficulties breathing. Since we have a boiler, we don’t need to have any ductwork. When we moved into our home, we didn’t want to have ductwork, so the boiler was perfect for us. The only problem with not having ductwork was that we couldn’t have central air conditioning. We decided to purchase a couple of window air conditioners and install them into the bedrooms and the living room. With three AC units running, we soon realized that our home was as cool as the old home was, and it had central air conditioning. Most days, our new home was even cooler with our window air conditioners. The cool air was going directly into the air, before it had time to lessen. With the central air conditioning, by the time the cool air travelled through the ductwork, it had lost some of its cooling effects. I am actually glad to have the window air conditioners in our home. I feel much better in the summer and I have ateady air blowing throughout the house. I wouldn’t waste my money installing ductwork for central air conditioning, after realizing that the window AC units could do the same job. The window AC units are more efficient than our central AC and they cost much less to run. What more could we ask for.


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