Central cooling system

Making horror movies has been a fantasy of mine, ever since I was a kid; I enjoy watching those kinds of films, plus not just “horror” – anything with a ton of suspense, psychological thrills, as well as awesome costume and special effects is something I’ve consistently acquired the most enjoyment from seeing. When I was in school, I decided to go for corporation management – although I still happily volunteered to work with movie crews that were in digital media, as I wanted to truly be a part of in any horror films they attempted to make. I still remember when I was on the set for a film being made for a movie festival, and I was wearing a costume to look like some kind of bug-headed human; The trouble for me was that the set was pretty warm, because we all were shooting outside in the summer time heat. It was night time, yes – but it was still over 88 degrees outside with high humidity as well! This caused complications for the makeup I needed to wear, as well as I was sweating so much that the makeup was running off! After they reapplied the makeup, they had us all sit directly in front of a big oscillating fan to stay cool. I would’ve givin anything to be shooting inside a place with a/c, or an empty garage kept cool with a substantial central a/c system! I was so thankful when the next scene was being shot inside an “abandoned home”, as the a/c was running soft through the whole shoot. I was able to comfortably walk around, enjoying the indoor air quality and feeling less rushed to suddenly do our scenes, however overall the experience was wonderful to be involved in, and I told the director I’d for sure want to be in the next movie – as long as they could guarantee excellent a/c on the set!