Chain on the toilet flapper causing all sorts of problems

I am so thankful that my boyfriend is handy. I don’t know what I would do without him. Anytime something breaks or won’t work, I tag him in. The most recent issue was our toilet. Nothing says romance like messing with a toilet. The first issue was the toilet kept running and running. The water sounded like it was moving and refilling the tank. It always seemed to happen at night and would keep us both up. The toilet flusher would have slack in this when it happened. My boyfriend’s idea was just to jiggle the handle. You could then hear a thunk and the toilet flusher would be firm again. This did not work for long. Eventually the flusher would not go back. My boyfriend then deduced the chain hooked to the flapper in the toilet was too long. The flapper would not close and so the toilet would just keep filling. He made the chain shorter and it worked for a while. Then a new problem occurred. The flusher was firm and the toilet would just pretend to flush. The water would not even go down and the toilet did not drain. My boyfriend went back in and then realized he made the chain too short. The flapper would no longer open to allow water in and out. Ever since he adjusted the chain a second time, the toilet is running like a champ. Again, I am just glad he knew what to do rather than us calling a plumber for something so small. That would have been embarrassing.

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