changing my heater needs

As a younger girl, I always described myself as a southern girl with a northern heart.

I hated the heat and humidity where I lived, and I longed to transfer up North where it was cool.

When I first met my future husband at college, I asked him if the two of us were to marry someday if he would be willing to live up north… He was all for it because he knew of some great job chances up there; Long story short, the two of us ended up getting married, and now, the two of us live up north. I can say that I was not prepared for the weather up here. Although I longed for a nice, cool locale to live, I was not prepared for how cold and snowy the winters would be. I literally had only seen snow a handful of times before I moved up north. Both of us never once turned on our heat in our home down south, so having to use heat almost year round is crazy to me! I guess that my blood is too thin to live up here. I cannot know that I dreamed of living up north my whole life, and now that I am finally here, I don’t like it. It is just too cold. I freeze in the winter, and most of the time, I freeze in the summer. It only gets up to about seventy-numerous degrees while in the day, and it drops down to the fifties at night time. I guess the coldest it ever got when I was living down south was fifty degrees, and that was in the middle of the winter! I do not like to complain to my husband about the weather since he likes it up north, and I am the one who asked him to transfer up here in the first site.

a/c repairman