Changing up the Heating and A/C in the office

It’s hard to guess that our office has been closed for a year.

Well, that’s not honestly accurate. A rotation of senior staff made sure the most crucial office functions continued throughout this Covid year. However, the vast majority of labor we did this year was done remotely from the Heating and A/C security of home. It was touch and go there for a while when it came to whether or not we’d be able to make it. However, thanks to a true team effort, we did make it. And 1 of the things that returning buddys will notice about the office is that there is now zone controlled Heating and A/C. I adore the fact that the Heating and A/C company was able to come in a manipulate the up-to-date Heating and A/C machine to provide us zone control. Zoned Heating and A/C is exactly what our office has needed for some time. The two of us aren’t a honestly crucial company. But still, we take up an entire floor of a large, downtown office building. Yet, there are not several walls in the office. It’s mostly cubicles and conference rooms. And there has only been 1 Heating and A/C control component this entire time. One control component just doesn’t acceptablely emrue the heating and cooling for an entire floor. There are some parts of the office that get tons of sunlight while other parts don’t. But the Heating and A/C company was able to change all that so we now have 6 separate control units encompassing the office. People can group together based upon heating and cooling preferences. And we can control the Heating and A/C heating and cooling in the conference rooms independently as well. Zoned Heating and A/C is going to be so great.
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