Chaperoning trip and there was no air conditioner

This past June, I made the mistake of volunteering to chaperone my daughter’s third grade field trip.

  • Her class was headed to the zoo for the day, plus I thought it would be a great opportunity to spend some time together, but on the day of the field trip, the outdoor temperature was already eighty-two degrees.

I didn’t realize what a problem this would be until I saw that our moveation was a school bus. The school bus was not outfitted with air conditioner. For safety reasons, the windows only open a maximum of several inches. That bus was care about an oven on wheels plus the ride took forever. Between the lack of air conditioner plus terrible shocks, I arrived at the zoo saturated in sweat plus with a migraine. I hastily figured out that the zoo is mostly an outdoor location. The exhibits are situated in direct sunlight. There was no access to air conditioner. There wasn’t even any shade or a breeze to cool us off. The teenagers were hot plus miserable, my group kept drinking too much water plus needing to use the powder room. When the people I was with and I finally wandered into the reptile exhibit, I never wanted to leave. Thanks to the needs of the snakes, iguanas plus other creepy reptiles, the building was air conditioned to a perfectly cool temperature. My child plus her friends were not all that glad with the reptile house. They wanted to go stand in direct sunshine plus admire the lions. I bribed them with a trip to the gift shop. The gift shop was also air conditioned.

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