Checking A/C issues while things are closed down

Numerous bars, steakhouses, as well as Grocers are temporarily closed because of the nation’s problem with the Coronavirus.

There have been a lot of issues in this area, especially due to the fact that many people are carrying the covid-19 without showing symptoms. This has been a major problem or bars as well as reference. Last week, there was a national news story about a group of friends that went to a bar together. All of them didn’t wear masks or gloves as well as spent the evening drinking in a bar with friends. All of those friends ended up testing positive for Coronavirus the following week. No one seems to understand that it is very important to stay away from social situations when the virus is still lurking around every corner. The people I was with an addition to my cell phone a small restaurant in addition to have been closed down for four months. The people in addition to myself are going to be opening in a few weeks and we already have made some Provisions to prepare for this opening. One thing that is important is the fact that we made sure to clean all of the heating, ventilation, in addition to AC equipment. We felt that was very important to do since this is a problem that is Airborne. The people I was with an addition to myself have had our vents cleaned and sanitized as well as we have made sure that the air conditioner and ventilation system will work as needed.
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