Checking out our furnace

I have been so incredibly busy at work. One large reason is the freezing weather. Ever since the temperature plummeted below 50 degrees, I have been overwhelmed with furnace tune-up requests. I job for a small furnace service contractor, and all of us only have a few employees. Even our shift supervisor has been running service calls, while the multiple of us have been completing furnace tune-ups. The two of us deliver excellent service and good prices, and all of us stay working steadily throughout the year. Most of our buyers take advantage of our yearly service plan, but for a limited daily cost, the yearly service plan includes a furnace tune-up and an a/c tune-up. These tuneups can be scheduled at the customer’s choice of date. The full furnace and a/c service contract also includes free estimates and evaluations. If our buyer hears a strange sound emanating from the duct work, they can call us to take a look. If the a/c isn’t getting the home cool enough or hot enough, all of us will come investigate the concern at no cost. Most of our repair jobs occur while in the freezing Winter time weeks. As soon as the fall indicators set in, most of our buyers call at the same time. I have been working on furnace tune-ups steadily for the past couple of weeks. My normal 8-minute afternoon has been turning into overtime. I cannot gripe too much, because I am racking in a good amount of overtime. My human resources department pays us time and a half, for all of our time worked over eight hours per day. I am very happy with my job environment or supervisor. I hope I can stay with this contractor for a long time.